WELCOME to Von Tassen Farm!

Von Tassen FarmWe are a family homestead on 15 acres growing most of our own food and raising livestock. We are currently raising commercial Katahdin sheep for breeding, meat, or pets. Katahdin is pronounced “ka-TAH-din” named after Mt. Katahdin in Maine. We raise Katahdins because they are very easy keepers, medium sized, parasite tolerant, can be raised in heat/cold and do not require any shearing, tail docking, or crutching. There is a reason Katahdins are called "the easy care meat breed." The delicious meat they produce tends to be lean with a very mild flavor even in older sheep. You cook the meat just as you would cook beef. Lamb chops are cooked the same as you would cook a beef steak. Katahdins can breed out of season (year round), and it is normal for them to have multiple births (twins, trips, or quads). Katahdins are well known for being disease and parasite tolerant, and they adapt well to various feed and forage systems. Katahdins are well suited for commercial flocks and hobby farms and are becoming increasingly more popular as former wool-sheep, goat, and cattle owners are switching to the low maintenance of the Katahdins. Additional information is located on our sheep page.

KangalsTo protect our livestock and our farm we raise Turkish Kangal livestock guardian dogs. Our Kangals are excellent guardians over the livestock. They live with the livestock 24/7 and will kill anything that comes within their perimeter. Kangals are outstanding livestock guardians for farms with a heavy predator load. Our puppies are raised with the livestock since the day they are born; they are never placed in kennels or cages. Our puppies are kept with the adult dogs who are actively guarding the livestock. This provides the puppies with the extra training and bonding they will need to be effective livestock guardians themselves. More information on our dogs as well as puppy availability is located on our dogs page.

chickensWe also raise chickens for meat and eggs. We have a variety of chickens that we use for egg layers and meat; some of which include Black Australorps, Barred Rocks, Lemon Pyle Brahmas, Easter Eggers, Black Copper Marans, Light Sussex, Salmon Faverolles and Rhode Island Reds. We always have fresh eggs available, and we especially appreciate the Light Sussex for their very large size and the amount of meat they produce. In addition to our egg layers, we also raise Silkies. We have show quality and breeder quality Silkies. Of course, we have pets available as well. We sell Silkie chicks and fertile hatching eggs, which we ship within the continental US. We also, on occasion, make available some of our adult Silkies. You can contact us to inquiry about the availability of fertile hatching eggs.

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